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Therapeutic Day Spa

Therapeutic Massage and Skin Care
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Experience the Journey to Wellness!

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Therapeutic Day Spa:

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Therapeutic Massage Treatments
Injury/Illness Treatments
Full Day Spa
Spa Packages
Customized Wellness Program
One on One Client Care

Unique Creations Theraputic Day Spa is dedicated to the wellness of you!

Unique Creations Therapeutic Day Spa specializes in treatments to aid and to help manage chronic long term and short term pain illnesses and syndromes such unique oils, therapeutic, day spaas Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid arthritis, neck, back and spinal injuries, sports and personal injuries. In addition to treating medical conditions we are also a full day spa. Not only do we provide therputic services to manange illness and injuries we also can provide a number of relaxing massages, body treatments, facials and nail treatments.

At Unique Creations Theraputic Day Spa we offer a Wellness Program customized to fit the needs of each client. Our Wellness Program also includes customized massage therapy, monthly treatment goals and one on one counseling program.